Super heroes

In the Sentinel, Eve has been bestowed with some amazing powers and has to learn how to use them.  But the world is in danger now, luckily there are some super heroes ready to step up and save us.  First up is Victoria Stone.


What would be your super hero name?
Potterhead? I know that’s totally lame but how cool would it be to have a Potterhead save the world one day at a time wearing a Quidditch jumper? Just me? Oh ok! Or SuperMum because I like to think my kids think I’m super, mainly because we have the same mental age.
You can have two super powers, what would they be and why?
Well the first one is easy, Flying, because I WOULD BE FLYING! Although I am scared of heights….. But still I can just imagine my little Charlie’s face when I drop him off to school in the mornings! 
Second one is pretty easy too, Invisibility, mainly because Charlie always says “I can’t remember” when I ask him what he did at school. So to be invisible would mean I could see what he is up to in lessons which would then make it easy for me to help him and study with him at home. Also it would mean I could sneak off and read books without Mr Stone or the kids demanding my attention. I could pretend I was popping to the shops!  Invisibility and flying would also come in handy when I fly to Ryan Gosling’s house and lay beside him in bed watching him intently
You can have one accessory, eg, car, plane, utility belt, what would yours be?
 Well I wouldn’t need a plane or a car as I would be flying to my destinations, I really would love a wand though. 
An asteroid is coming to destroy the planet, how do you save it?
Well when I normally need any kind of help or saving I would call upon Mr Stone, but I’m the superhero, so I would put on my cape and fly towards it with my wand shouting “Reducto!”. (If you don’t know what this is may I suggest you read Harry Potter.
Victoria’s brilliant blog can be found here.

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