Super heroes

In the Sentinel, Eve has been bestowed with some amazing powers and has to learn how to use them.  But the world is in danger now, luckily there are some super heroes ready to step up and save us. Today it’s Jack Croxall
What would be your super hero name?
 I just used a superhero name generator online; it said I should call myself ‘The Invincible Squirrel’. I like it.
You can have two super powers, what would they be and why?
I want Jedi powers! If I’m sitting down and there’s something across the room I want, I always try and use the force to summon it. Strangely, it never works and I end up looking stupid, then, I have to actually get up and retrieve it – sad times. It would be worth being a Jedi just to put an end to that embarrassing scenario.
Secondly, what about Iron Man’s armour? Imagine a Jedi in Iron Man’s suit with a light-sabre, I’d be indestructible!
You can have one accessory, eg, car, plane, utility belt, what would yours be?
Well, I wouldn’t need a car or plane because I could just fly everywhere in my suit chatting to Jarvis about tea, crumpets and lawn-tennis. My perfect accessory would be an alternative helmet, one which allowed me to talk to the animals. Then, my puppy-dog Archie could be my sidekick and we could save the world together. In fact, he could have his own armour too! Then he could have a cool sidekick name like Titanius!
An asteroid is coming to destroy the planet, how do you save it?
With serious firepower! The Invincible Squirrel (Iron Jedi to my friends) and Titanius would fly into space, and then blast the offending rock with lasers until it was space dust. Back home in time for The Archers.
You can find out more about Jack on his website
You can buy his brilliant book Tethers here and his fantastic short story X here

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