Super heroes

In the Sentinel, Eve has been bestowed with some amazing powers and has to learn how to use them.  But the world is in danger now, luckily there are some super heroes ready to step up and save us. Today it’s Sharon Sant.
What would be your superhero name?
Kosmic Klutz Girl
You can have 2 super powers, what would they be and why?
Shape shifting (I consulted my kids and we decided that this pretty much covers every skill set you might need as a super hero).  And I think that the time travel dude from Heroes is pretty cool, so I think I’ll have a bit of that, thank you. No reason, I just like the idea!
You can have one accessory, eg. Car, plane, utility belt, what would it be?
A Tardis? Can I have one of those please?  That’s a pretty big accessory, as accessories go, but I’m sure I could find a corner of my house to keep it in.
An asteroid is coming to save the planet, how do you save it?
If you let me have a Tardis I can get in and tow it away, just like the Doctor did with the earth when it was zapped out of our galaxy.  But if not, I can use my time travelling ability to go back to before it was drawn into our gravitational pull, commandeer a space shuttle and nudge it gently off course so that it goes off to atomise some other hunk of space rock.  Although, true to my superhero name, I’d likely make a hash of it and blow up the moon or something.
You can find out more about Sharon here

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