Super heroes

In the Sentinel, Eve has been bestowed with some amazing powers and has to learn how to use them.  But the world is in danger now, luckily there are some super heroes ready to step up and save us. Today it’s Jaimie Admans


What would  be your super hero name?
Miss J!  It’s kind of a nickname anyway… That’s really boring, isn’t it? I need a  better superhero name than that!
You can  have two super powers, what would they be and why?
The ability to transfer words  from my head to the computer screen instantly with no effort! Seriously. Every  time I think of a book plot, it sounds great in my head, so I sit down and type  it out in Word and it ends up sounding a bit rubbish! I wish I could transfer  things from my head onto the computer exactly the way they sound when I first  think of them! That and when I’m writing and I picture scenes in my head and  think about them for ages and sort of pre-write them in my head, and then when I  actually write them they don’t come out sounding the same – I wish I could  convert thoughts to Word pages in the blink of an eye!
For my second power, I’d like  to be invisible! Think of how much fun that would be – you could do anything you  wanted! You could watch Hugh Jackman in the shower, you could go to the cinema  every day for free (although eating popcorn might look a bit weird if anyone  noticed!) you could go into every cake shop and eat as many cream cakes as you  wanted, and you could annoy people you don’t like by pretending to haunt  them!
You can  have one accessory, eg, car, plane, utility belt, what would yours  be?
 Can I have  a sidekick? How about Batman as a sidekick? That would work, right? No? Okay,  I’d have my little dog Bruiser as a sidekick, but you’d better hope that all the  evil villains are postmen!
An asteroid  is coming to destroy the planet, how do you save it?
I’d go and talk to it! Fly up  there (what do you mean, I didn’t choose flying as one of my superpowers?!) and  try to talk it into turning around or going to destroy Mars or something like  that! Either that or I’d get Bruiser to communicate with aliens and he’d tell  them to lasso it and pull it back into space!
You can find out more about Jaimie here

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