Review of The Sentinel by Chapter One, Page One

Thank you to Holly for sending me an ARC copy of her excellent debut novel The
Sentinel, to read and review.

The Sentinel is a young adult/fantasy which
isn’t my usual kind of genre, but I found myself gripped from the start and
couldn’t put it down.

This was such an enjoyable read that drew me in
with its imaginative script and fast paced action, it was easy to be captivated
from Chapter One.

The story revolves around Eve and how she discovers
that she is not quite the normal teenager she thought she was. Eve has a large
circle of family and friends (and loyal dog Quinn!) and after a near fatal
crash, learns that most of them are not who they appear to be, and her life will
never be the same again. And so begins the circle of amazing events in Eve’s
strange, powerful, new world.

Frustratingly, even Eve’s nearest and
dearest are reluctant to explain who she can trust, and why her whole existence
is not what she believed it to be. Thankfully, her best friend Seth can’t keep
her in the dark any longer and he tells her just how important she is, and how
she has many powerful Guardians around her who will quite literally die to
protect her – from the other super powered beings, whose sole purpose in life is
to destroy her.

I adored reading of the amazing abilities that Holly
created for all the super beings and eventually Eve is also taught how to use
these powers, although her inexperience sometimes causes much distress to her
over protective Guardians!

I don’t want to say much more for fear of
giving away too much from the wonderful, surprising story that unfolds as soon
as you start reading The Sentinel.

Holly keeps the reader captivated with
many different characters who are all memorable in their own unique way, along
with an intriguing storyline that keeps your fingers twitching to turn the page
and keep reading!

Overall, a gripping must read and an amazing debut
novel by Holly Martin. You really need to add it to your wish list!


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