Super heroes

In the Sentinel, Eve has been bestowed with some amazing powers and has to learn how to use them.  But the world is in danger now, luckily there are some super heroes ready to step up and save us. Today it’s me.
What would be your super hero name?At University, on Super hero night, I was called Tongue Teaser, as my tongue always seemed to come out in photos.  However I think I’m going to go with something a bit more cool and fierce sounding, how about, The Blaze!
You can have two super powers, what would they be and why?
 Eve has some brilliant ones being able to shoot fire and lightning from your hands would be amazing and also useful for barbeques.  The Lynx effect would also be very cool, sheer magnetism.  When I turned it on, all the men would come running and I’d practically have to fight them off with a stick, hang on…why am I fighting them off? Forget the stick, ‘hello boys!’ Being able to change the weather would be awesome, I’d have snow days every day and I’d never have to go to work as all the schools would be closed.  Ok that’s probably a bit selfish and as one great superhero once said, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ So for my first power I’m going to steal one of Eve’s the ability to slide anywhere in the world at will; Canada, the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Chris Hemworth’s bedroom, Orlando Bloom’s shower.  Plus If I was late for work I could just slide there rather than sitting in my little white van on the M25.  I suppose for my second power I should choose something else sensible, *grumbles, looks at the Lynx effect sadly* Healing would be very useful and very selfless, *shuffles feet* no damn it, I’m having the ability to look good in any clothes I wear, jeans, pyjamas, dresses, I’d looked damned fine in all of them.  What? If I’m going to save the world I have to look good whilst I do it. 
You can have one accessory, eg, car, plane, utility belt, what would yours be?
 I’d have some kind of transformer vehicle, one minute it would be a boat, the next a plane, the next a submarine, the next a space rocket, it would cover all eventualities.  It would be black with a flame down the side so everyone would know, The Blaze is here!!!
An asteroid is coming to destroy the planet, how do you save it?
Easy, I’d fly up there in my space car and grab hold of it with my tractor beam, yes my space car transformer vehicle has a tractor beam, then I’d slide across the universe with it and send it off into the ether.  Then I could slide straight back to Orlando Bloom again, I mean… home obviously.
The Sentinel is out tomorrow and luckily for all of us, if the world is in danger Eve will be able to save us all.  I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief on that one, if the world’s fate lay in the hands of me or my super hero friends, I think we could be facing something cataclysmic..


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