Haunted. A Heather Hollow Story

Haunted. A Heather Hollow Story by K.C. Wilder is out today.  Check out the beautiful cover and have a read of the intriguing blurb.

I’ve been getting into a lot of YA recently, with the release of my YA The Sentinel, and I do love the idea of a town filled with paranormal activity. This is definitely one to be added to my TBR pile.


The Heather Hollow saga begins.

 “The house was a disaster.  This made it official.  My mother had lost her mind.”
Sixteen year old Paige Parker has had better years.  Her father is dead.  Her mother is an impulsive mess.  And she is now stranded in rural Heather Hollow.
Her neighbors?
Ghosts.  Vampires.  Hounds of Hell.  Mean girls on mopeds.
Oh, and one intriguingly hot guy.
Is Gabe enough to keep Paige sane as she and her best friend Amelia try to sort out the swirl of paranormal mysteries in her new hometown?
Only time will tell…

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