Review from Rose’s Book Snobs

An absolutely incredible review, I couldn’t stop smiling when I read this.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a story about a young woman named Eve who is thrown into a  magical world where things she couldn’t have ever imagined exist.  She is  a sentinel and has been guarded her whole life by guardians because of  her destiny.  However, her life is in danger every  step of the way by those who do not want to see her destiny fulfilled.   And with the help of her guardians, she has to learn this new world and  her place in it while at the same time trying to stay alive.

It will be hard to review this book as I don’t want to give anything  away because this is one story every lover of paranormal and fantasy  books should read and love, just as I did.

This has been one of my favourite books this year. I absolutely adored it.

This story threw you straight into the action, and from the very first  page I was captivated.  The action never stopped and I read this in one  whole sitting, only stopping when I needed to get a drink.  I was that  addicted to this book.

Eve is a wonderful character and I thought she was so strong minded,  kind hearted, and just an amazing person.  She is thrown into this whole  other world where so many people want to see her dead, and yet she  remains strong and wants to fight beside those who  protect her.

I loved all of the secondary characters in this book, her personal  guardians such as Eli, Lucas, Caleb.  I thought they were all brilliant,  and I love how they start to become more human and have feelings because  they all connect with Eve. 

I adored Quinn and was glad when we discovered who he was, and of course, I  loved Seth, so strong and protective of Eve, just like all her  guardians and friends are.  There were a lot of secondary characters in  this book, but even so, I still felt connected to them  in some way.  The author has done a brilliant job bringing all these  characters to life.

The plot itself was fast moving and there was always something  happening.  I couldn’t stop turning the pages and was desperate to keep  reading to see what happened next.  There was never a moment in the whole  book where I wanted to skip ahead because on every  page there was something happening that I didn’t want to miss.

The author has created an amazing story and wonderful characters, and I  would definitely recommend this to lovers of fantasy and paranormal.  I  can’t wait for the next book to come out, and I pray I don’t have to wait  too long!


You can buy The Sentinel here:
Thank you so much to Bethany at Rose’s Book Snobs for this wonderful review
Check out their website here.

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