Seth’s point of view.

So, as promised, today and for the next twelve days, I will be posting Sentinel bonus material here.

Keep checking back because they’ll be competitions coming soon too.

For now, here is the end of chapter 2 and the start of chapter 3 from Seth’s point of view.  Hope you enjoy it.



Eli’s voice sliced through my dreams. Despite the complete lack of sleep over the last five days, I was awake, alert, poised. Since the coach crash the protection around Eve had been intensified and I was a part of that.  During the day, I’d go to school, pretend everything was normal, when in reality she couldn’t be left alone for a second. As soon as she was at home, the patrols would start.  The streets around her house have been filled with dog walkers and late night joggers, I’m sure we are raising more suspicion with the increased traffic but Eli doesn’t care. She has to be kept alive.

I listened to the voices in my head; confusion, anger and fear rallied for attention amongst the orders of Eli as he tried to regain control.  Something had happened, a fire at Eve’s house.  The Guardians in her house had been killed. I closed my eyes to pull myself to her.


The order slammed into my brain barely a second after I had thought about doing it.  I knew why.  Eli was still trying to cling to the secret at the moment and me appearing out of the air would put a bit of a dampener on those plans. I clenched my fists, desperate to be with her, to know she was safe.  I reached out for her signal, it was still burning bright.  She was alive I just had to trust in Eli to keep her that way.

She was on the run.  Running from those that were so desperately trying to protect her.  Damn it. What had happened?  Eli should never have let it get this far.

I threw some jeans over my pyjama bottoms, grabbed my coat and ran outside to my bike.  If I wasn’t allowed to slide to her, Eli couldn’t have a problem with me coincidentally passing.

The Putarians were chasing her too.  I was going to slide to her in a minute whether Eli liked it or not.  I couldn’t bear not knowing.

I listened, drowning out the voices of those not directly involved, and as they communicated between themselves, I managed to glean some information about what was going on.

‘She’s off road.’

‘She’s heading straight for that river.’

‘Stop her.’

‘Crash into the car,’

‘We are not crashing into her car.’

‘The Putarians are closing in.’

‘The car is in the air, she’s not going to make it.’

There was a sickening silence, punctuated with something that felt like awe.  Lucas swore. My stomach rolled with fear.  That was it, I wasn’t hanging around here any longer.

Did you guys see that, she made the car fly,’ Lucas yelled with excitement

‘She did not make the car fly.’

‘How else do you explain what just happened?’

‘The Putarian is on the other side.’

‘Slide to Eve, don’t let him get close.’

‘She’s in the woods.’

‘The Putarian has gone after her.’

‘The Putarian is dead.’

‘She’s still running.’

‘What the hell was that?’

‘She shot at us, with fire, how did she manage that?’

‘She’s still running.’

‘Seth. NOW!’

I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed my bike and pulled myself to her.  I had done this several times as a child, just to check I could do it, but although it had been many years, her signal was so strong that I couldn’t fail to find her.

I landed in the darkness of the woods, though the Deus in me meant that I could see almost as clearly as if it was day.  My heart leapt when I saw her running straight for me, she was alive and seemingly unhurt.

She was looking over her shoulder and didn’t even see me, though I guess her human eyes wouldn’t see me anyway.

She slammed into me and nearly fell on the floor but I instinctively grabbed her to stop her from hurting herself.

She screamed and fought.  Damn it, she really couldn’t see me even when I was standing right in front of her.  Was it really that dark in here?

‘Evie, Evie, it’s me.’

Relief and confusion washed over her face immediately as she stopped struggling.


I smiled, safe in the knowledge she couldn’t see me.  God I love her so much.  I just wanted to wrap her in my arms and hold her tight.  I wanted to check her all over to make sure she was unhurt.  I wanted to take her away from all of this and find a desert island somewhere where we could live out the rest of our lives together.

I felt Eli’s disapproval of all these plans flood my brain so loudly that it almost blocked out the voices of the other Guardians.

The Secret,’ he said as he and Lucas hid behind the trees, hoping that Eve would calm down now that the threat of being chased was over.

I suppressed the urge to shake her and hug her in equal measures, she could have been killed tonight and though it wasn’t her fault I was frustrated that she had been so frivolous with her own life.

‘Yes.  Why are we whispering?’

I watched her look around, waiting for the nightmare to continue. But it was over, for now.

‘Seth what the hell are you doing here?’

I laughed, trying to put her at ease.  ‘I could ask you the same thing.’

‘Is that your bike?’


‘Get me out of here and I’ll explain everything.’

‘Your chauffeur awaits m’lady.’  I hopped on and she threw herself on behind me, clinging to me tight.  Her wonderful scent swamped my senses, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else.  Her arms around me, her body against mine was an incredible feeling.


‘Concentrate on driving Seth.’

Eli was right, I couldn’t kill her on my bike just because I was so distracted by her being so close.

I manoeuvred carefully through the trees, being acutely aware of every tree, every stump before they came anywhere near.

‘Seth faster!’ She yelled over the noise of the engine and I obliged.

We hit the road and as per Eli’s instructions, I headed to my house.

My heart was still pounding so hard at the fear of losing her I was surprised she couldn’t feel it.

This couldn’t happen again.  She has to know about the Guardians, that Eli, Lucas and the others are only there to protect her.  She could have died tonight running from them.  It just didn’t bear thinking about.   I had to tell her the truth.  If The Oraculum and her Guardians refused to acknowledge her new awareness of us then it was down to me.

It is not down to you.’

‘She needs to know,’ I argued.

‘I agree, but not yet.  Only The Oraculum will decide when it is the right time.’

‘Now is the right time, before she kills herself running away from you again.’


‘I’m her best friend, I’m not going to lie to her anymore.’

‘Seth it is not your place…’

Eli had more things to say, but I didn’t want to hear any of it.  For the first time in seventeen years, I closed my mind to them.  Eli would be furious but Eve’s safety was more important than anything else and he knew that.  We both wanted the same thing, she had to be kept alive, although our reasons were very different.  They only cared about the prophecies and keeping her alive long enough for them to be fulfilled.  My reasons were far more selfish, because I can’t live without her.  Every breath, my every thought, is her.  She runs through my veins.  We will never be together, not in that way, I know that, but I hope I shall always be in her life.  The only way that was going to happen was letting her trust in me now, when she needed a friend more than anything.  I would tell her everything and let the cards fall where they may.


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