Competition time

I love fan fiction.  My first attempt at story writing as a child was my own version of The Animals of Farthing Wood. I can’t remember much of it, though I do know that one of the rabbits was called Cressy, not sure why, possibly because she liked eating cress???

Fifty Shades of Grey, one of the biggest sellers the world has ever seen, started life as a piece of Twilight fan fiction.  Some of the Twilight fans loved it, some of them hated it and you will probably have your own opinion on it, but I love that someone was so inspired by Twilight that they went away and wrote three books of their own version.

I love reading fan fiction, that fans embrace a book so much that they want to write their own scenes, rewrite scenes from a different point of view or change it completely, they may even write their own alternative endings.

So, I would absolutely love to see some Sentinel fan fiction.  Some of you have taken The Sentinel to your hearts and completely fallen in love with the characters and the story.  So now, here’s your chance to put your own input into the story.  Did something happen in book one that you didn’t like, well re-write it.  Is there something you would have liked to have seen but didn’t, now’s your chance to right the wrongs.  Is there something you would like to see in book 2, write it.  It could be a diary entry, a letter, a different take on a scene, or something completely made up and not taken from the book at all.  It can be as long as you would like it to be, there are no limits, just have fun creating something new.

I will post some of them here for your enjoyment and the winner will also get a £10 Amazon gift card.

You can email your fan fiction to me at

Deadline 31st December and the winner will be announced New Years Day

Have fun.

I realise that writing might not be your thing, so here’s a chance to win some prizes without lifting a pen.  You do have to read though, sorry about that.

Here are two competitions, the easy and the hard

The easy competition.  You could win a signed copy of The Sentinel or a £5 amazon gift voucher and it couldn’t be simpler. Read the first three chapters of The Sentinel (found here and then answer the following two questions.

1. What is the name of Seth’s brother?

2. When Seth is trying to convince Eve that he is not a being with super strength he says, ‘I can barely open …..’ What is it that Seth can’t open?

Send your answers to me at, put in the subject line Easy Competition. In your email let me know whether you would prefer the signed copy of my book or the gift voucher.  I will put all emails into a draw and pull one out at random.  Good Luck!

Deadline 31st December

The hard competition (for true Sentinel fans)

You could win a £20 Amazon gift voucher, but this one requires some knowledge of The Sentinel.

Answer the following questions.

1. Eve owns a pair of red converse trainers, what are the two tv programmes/films that she refers to when she wears them.

2. What are shifty eyes? (in Quinn’s conversation with Eve about her eyes)

3. Who is Areli?

4. What relation is Quinn to Eve?

5. What happens to Eve when her and Seth kiss?

Send your answers to, put in the subject line Hard Competition and I will draw one email at random.

Deadline 31st December.

Good Luck!

Muwhahahahahahaha (evil laugh because of the hardness of the competition)

The Sentinel can be found here


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