Quinn’s other life

I was very aware, when writing The Sentinel from Eve’s point’s of view, that there was lots going on that she simply wasn’t or couldn’t be aware of.  And what were the other characters doing when she wasn’t around.  What did they do for fun? Did they even have fun?  I tried to put some of this into the book to make the characters more real, but some of this had to be deleted in the final version.

Here, Quinn explains to Eve what he did when she was at school all day.

Seth came back in then with two plates of eggs on toast.  The eggs were runny, exactly as I liked them. ‘Are you not eating Quinn,’ I said through a mouthful of egg.

‘I’ve already eaten.’

‘Dog food?’ I nudged him playfully.

He pulled a face. ‘You have no idea how glad I am that that chapter of my life is now over.’

I grinned as I remembered my life with Quinn when I was a child.  I used to dress Quinn up, wrap tea towels round his head, bows round his ears and tail.  I snorted into my egg as I remembered that I painted his claws once with nail varnish.  And he would just sit there, patiently and let me do it.

‘Were you always a dog, I mean even when I wasn’t at home?’ I mopped the yolk up with my toast.

Quinn grinned. ‘What sit at home burying bones in the back garden? No, I went to school, college, university.  Going to school was a bit tricky because I always had to be home when you got in from school.  But I had the added advantage of being able to fly home.  And a Guardian would always bring my clothes back later.  There were a few close calls though.  David would always leave the bedroom window open for me, and keep you downstairs if I wasn’t home.  At college and university, my timetable was very flexible, I could swap my lectures around to make sure I was always home in time.  And at weekends, when you were doing your martial arts, or out with Seth, I had football practice, went out with friends.  I learned martial arts too.  It was always closely co-ordinated so I would be at home when you got in.  There were a few times I didn’t quite make it, but I think David or Marie just told you I was out in the garden.’

I stared at him, in disbelief.  The secret was so elaborate, so tightly woven, so many people in on it.  It was so weird to think about Quinn, my dog, having this whole other life.  You hear people talking about how smart their dog is.  Mine had a degree.  ‘What did you study at University?’

Quinn smiled. ‘Animal Science.’

I laughed.

The Sentinel can be found here http://amzn.to/1giKNVp


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