The Dragon

I love writing fantasy, because anything is possible, nothing is bound by the normal rules.  The Sentinel is filled with super strength beings, amazing super powers, shape shifters and incredible stunts. But sometimes I get carried away, sometimes the fantastical creations of my mind are too far beyond the realms of reality.  Sometimes I look at my writing and think, ‘Really?’

Meet Kyla, a twenty metre long invisible dragon.

Seth dug in his pocket and passed me one of his wire sculptures.  This one was of a dragon.

“Remember all the weird and wonderful sculptures I made for you when we were younger, the lion with the horns, the birds with the butterfly wings.  They were all real.  Using the same shape shifting technology they used to make you, they made animal hybrids too. Creatures that were part horse, part dolphin, or part eagle part dog.  Most of them died after a few months, but some, like you were very special, some survived.” He nodded meaningfully at the sculpture.

I stared at the wire sculpture in my hand as Seth’s words sank in.

“They made a dragon?”

“Kyla may look like a dragon, but she’s part lion, part lizard, part bat.”


Seth nodded to the huge truck that was parked in the middle of the field ahead of us as our car came to a stop.

“They also played with the parts of her DNA responsible for growth.  She’s massive Evie. Bigger than any living animal known to mankind.”

I couldn’t help the grin from spreading on my face.  But that smile soon fell off with what Seth said next.

He passed me a pair of what looked like 3D glasses as he got out the car.  “You’ll need these to see her.  She’s invisible.”

I stared at the glasses in shock. Invisible?  I watched Seth approach the back of the truck and I scrambled out after him.  Without even looking back, he reached out for my hand and pulled me into his side.


Seth grinned down at me. “Out of phase would be the correct term I suppose. This is Chase, Kyla’s handler.”

“Hi,” I nodded at the Guardian, “But… bats, lions, lizards, they don’t have that ability. Lizards can camouflage themselves but they’re not invisible…” My words dried in my throat as the back of the truck was lowered.  Something roared inside but as Seth had said, I couldn’t see her.

Seth and Lucas put on their glasses and I fumbled to do the same with mine.

And there she was.

Seth was right.  She was huge, but more in length than in height.  She stood at four or five metres in height but was probably twenty metres in length.  Her pale gold body glistened with scales, her face was more lizard like than any other animal, making her look more like a dragon.  Though the teeth she showed as she licked her lips with her long thin tongue, was definitely more lion than lizard.  The fangs especially looked threatening and dangerous.  She cocked her head at me, blinking gold eyes in the darkness of the truck.

Chase rushed onto the back of the truck and grabbed her harness, leading her out towards me.  Despite the super strength of my Guardians, Kyla was clearly stronger.  She pulled against her reins, obviously as keen to meet me as I was to meet her.  Or maybe just keen to be out the truck.

As soon as she was outside, she stretched out her leathery wings showing an impressive wing span of some fifteen or twenty metres.  She had a white mane, a slick of fur down the back of her head that finished half way along her back.

“Eve, this is Kyla,” said Chase, clearly struggling to control her.

“You can talk to her, Eve, just like you talk to us telepathically, you just have to reach for her mind,” said Lucas.

I reached out for her.


What was the correct thing to say to a dragon?

So we finally meet.  I must say I was expecting someone a lot bigger,” she said.

Kyla stepped forward towards me and I reached out to touch her nose.  She closed her eyes and, as I stroked her, she let out a deep, loud purr.

You have strength though, I’ll give you that.”

“She’s beautiful,” I whispered, still in awe.

Thank you, I can’t say the same, you humans all look a bit funny to me.”

I laughed.

“She was made for you to ride,” explained Chase.  “However, although she is tame, she hasn’t allowed anyone to ride her yet.  She does have your blood in her though.  You should be able to call her to you like you call the Guardians.”

My heart pounded excitedly.

Can I ride you?”

Was that a smile?

You’re the first person to ask, she said, bowing her great head.

She knelt down in front of me, and I reached up to twist my fingers in her mane.  With my foot on her wing I quickly pulled myself onto her neck, just behind her head.

“Whoa, Eve,” said Chase in alarm, “No one has ever ridden her before, we don’t know what she’s like to ride, how easy it will be to hold on.  We had designed some kind of saddle, with seatbelts but she didn’t like wearing it.  She might be ok with you on her back now but in flight she might change her mind, she’s quite unpredictable, moody, gets irate quite quickly.  I think you should get down now.”

This one really annoys me, are all your Guardians such a pain in the arse? Kyla stretched her wings again.

I looked at Seth and Lucas.  Seth was grinning from ear to ear.  “Not all of them.

So fancy risking breaking your neck?”


“I like you even more.”

“Can I bring Seth?”

“Smiler, sure, not grumpy pants here.”

I reached down and held my hand out for Seth.  He didn’t hesitate, he grabbed my hand and swung himself up behind me.

“Er Eve, I really don’t think…” began Chase.

Lucas stepped forward.  “Be careful.”

At his consent, I wrapped my fingers tighter into Kyla’s mane and she pulled upwards, stretching out her wings.  Chase held onto the harness for a second but as she flapped a few times the harness snapped and we were suddenly airborne.

Kyla actually laughed as we took off. Flapping her huge wings, she soared into the air.  There was no effort involved at all in holding on, the flight was so smooth it was like we were barely moving at all. Though as the trees passed below us in a blur of green, that was obviously to the contrary.

Want to go higher? Kyla asked, clearly enjoying herself.


“Seth, hold on!”

I felt his hands tighten at my waist as she soared upwards, the trees and hills disappearing into tiny dots beneath us.

She was sleek and fast and moved beautifully through the clouds.  My heart was roaring with excitement.  Kyla let out a sound somewhere between a screech and a roar, but I knew it was a sound of pure joy.

Oh it’s so good to feel the sun on my wings,” she called as she swooped downwards.

Do you not get out very often?”

“Hardly ever. They’re afraid I’ll escape.  After today, I doubt they’ll ever let me outside again.”

I frowned at this as we flew over the treetops once more.

Don’t feel too sorry for me.  I was born in captivity, I don’t really know any different, well until today.  I live in a big warehouse, where there’s plenty of room for flying and I get fed three times a day.  It’s not all bad.”

“That’s no life.”

“Well what would I be doing out here, just flying around all day, with the breeze in my hair, the sun on my back.  I’d get bored eventually.” Her voice sounded wistful.

Kyla, can you land over there?”

Even without me pointing she knew I meant by the lake.  She swooped down and seconds later she landed softly.  I climbed down from her back and stroked her face.  She nuzzled against me.  I reached up and undid her harness, slipping it off her great head.  Seth climbed down as well, his face split with the biggest smile.

Go and be bored Kyla, enjoy the sun.”

She stared at me for a moment.

You’re letting me go?”

I nodded.

She blinked once, then pushed her head into my hand.  “You truly are the Angel of Life.”

She flapped her wings once, hovering just above the ground, bowed her head at me and then soared up into the sky.  I watched her go, until she disappeared into the sun.

“I don’t think Chase will like that,” said Seth, though he was still grinning from the exhilaration of the ride.

“We’ll tell him she escaped.”

The Sentinel, sadly without Kyla, can be found here:


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