Another deleted scene here. Eve thinks she’s dreaming but she’s not.


I couldn’t even be bothered to get undressed, and just lay down in my clothes and shoes.  As soon as I lay down, my thoughts returned to Seth.  It had been so nice having him with me during the night, with his warm, comforting presence but now it felt cold.  The night was cold anyway, but it felt extra cold without him.  I wrapped my duvet tighter around me, and closed my eyes.  Think of somewhere warm, that was the key.  I had been on holiday to Cancun a few years ago.  Our hotel had the most beautiful beach.  The sand was white, almost like snow, and it was soft and powdery, not coarse.  The turquoise waters were as warm as stepping into a bath.  The blue sky was cloudless and the whole beach was lined with palm trees with leaves of the darkest green.  I could feel the blistering heat from the sun and I opened my eyes.  I was surprised to find myself there on the beach.  Surprised because I hadn’t been lying down long enough to go to sleep, but clearly this was a dream. What a lovely dream though, the beach exactly as I remembered it but better, more real, more defined.  And almost completely deserted.  There were a few people quite a way down the beach but no one near me at all.  It was obvious, from the position of the sun in the sky, that it was about midday.  It was strange that I was still wearing my jeans and trainers.  Surely I should be wearing a swimming costume, in this heat.  But then this was a dream.  I supposed I should be grateful that I wasn’t wearing a jelly baby costume, or dressed as Queen Elizabeth I.  My dreams were normally very obscure, especially lately.  This was relatively normal; well no one was trying to kill me so I suppose I should be grateful for that too.  I took my shoes off and dug my toes into the hot sand and then lay down, closing my eyes against the glare of the sun.

No sooner had I closed my eyes, I realised I was no longer alone.  I peered up to see if this was the start of the obscureness. Maybe it would be a dragon or a vampire.  I was surprised to see the normality continuing, well as normal as it could get when I was lying on a beach in Mexico.  Lucas was standing over me, looking somewhat confused.


‘Hi Lucas.’ I smiled up at him, blocking my eyes from the sun.  It pays to be nice to my delusions; otherwise I wouldn’t put it past Lucas to suddenly change into a twenty foot towering evil banana.

‘Are you ok?’ he asked, warily scanning the beach for any potential threat.  Of course the Guardians in my dream would still be as vigilant as the real ones.

‘Yes, of course.  I’m lying on a beach in Mexico, why wouldn’t I be ok.’

‘Is that where we are,’ he mumbled, sitting down hesitantly by my side.  This was the first time I’d really seen Lucas looking so worried.  He was normally enthusiastic about everything.  But still, this was a dream.

‘Eve, I thought we agreed you wouldn’t try to run away from the Guardians again,’ he said, quietly.

Even in my dreams I had a guilty conscience about being on my own.  Probably because I had ran away from them earlier.  Now the guilty conscience was manifesting itself as my favourite Guardian, the Guardian I was most connected with.

‘Lucas, you do know this is a dream, don’t you.  The fact that me and you are sitting on a beach in Mexico, when I just saw you five minutes ago in my house in dreary England, it kind of gives the game away.’

He looked at me in alarm.

‘Quite why I’m trying to persuade characters from my dream, that this is a dream, I don’t know.’

‘Eve you’re not dreaming.  The fact that you can do this is, well it’s impossible.’

I sighed.  Clearly my moment of sunbathing had been cut short.  I was now going to have to prove to Lucas that I was dreaming.

‘Look if this was real, would I be able to do this.’ I stood up and ripped a palm tree out of the ground as easy as if I was picking a daisy.  The noise of the ripping tree crashing to the ground alerted some nearby tourists, who started running away down the beach in alarm.  I laughed.

Lucas stood up, panic stricken. ‘Eve, what are you doing, the Guardians, the Sentinel, the powers, these things are not common knowledge amongst the rest of the human race.  The Oraculum would like to keep the other humans in the dark as much as possible.’

‘Oh Lucas, this is a dream, look watch.’ I closed my eyes and thought about the Statue of Liberty. I’d never been to New York, but I’d seen enough pictures to know what it looked like.  I opened my eyes again and I was standing on top of the statue.  I giggled at how easy my dreams were controlled.  I’d had lucid dreams before, where I was in control of what happened.  They were so much fun.  But I didn’t have them very often.

With a soft swishing Lucas landed at my side, looking out of breath.  ‘Eve will you please stop this.’

‘See Lucas, I can’t be in Mexico one minute and New York the next.’

‘You can if you slide.  Something which you shouldn’t be able to do.’

‘Exactly Lucas, so it must be a dream.’ Wow, this Lucas was hard to convince.


‘Hey Lucas, watch this,’ I roared.  I closed my eyes again and imagined the cold streets of Prague, standing outside St Vitus Cathedral, a truly impressive, towering gothic building.  I opened my eyes again and grinned when I saw the cathedral before me.

A soft swishing sound indicated Lucas’s arrival.  He sagged onto his knees as he arrived.

‘Lucas, are you alright?’ I was alarmed.  I’d never seen a Guardian tired before.

Lucas stood up shakily. ‘Eve it takes a lot of strength physically and mentally for us to pull ourselves to you, to do it three times in the space of a few minutes, is crippling.  If you must keep gallivanting all over the world, how about you pull me to you.’

‘I don’t know how to do that yet.’ I actually felt guilty for poor dream Lucas, he looked wrecked.

He sighed. ‘I’ll show you.’

I pulled a face, even in my dreams I couldn’t get away from the training. ‘Ok.’

‘You have to find my mind, when you find it, you need to pull it to you.’

‘Ok, let me try again.’

I closed my eyes, and listened to the hum of the Guardians, the constant hum that had been with me since yesterday.  I’d found Lucas today without thinking of it, without any effort at all.  I should, therefore, be able to find him again.  The hum was just that though a hum, nothing stood out.  I shook my head and opened my eyes.  ‘I can’t find you.’

‘You’re over thinking it Eve, you found me ok today, and you can do Seth, Quinn and Persia easily enough.’

‘I don’t really know how I found you today.  Seth, Quinn and Persia are easier because I know them so well.  The Guardians are really hard.  There’s just this hum of muffled voices and I can’t pick out the ones I want. I wasn’t even looking for you today and I found you, I doubt I’ll be able to do that again.’

‘Ok you’re good with the visualization thing.  Close your eyes, and picture me, concentrate on the sound of my voice and my smell. Can you see me?’

‘No because my eyes are closed,’ I giggled.  I wasn’t normally this obtrusive, but this was a dream. I was pretty sure I could turn Lucas into a tomato if I was still in control.

‘Eve.’ Lucas sighed.

‘Ok, ok, yes I can visualize you.’ I sighed.  This Lucas was determined to ruin my fun.

‘Ok, imagine a beam of light linking your brain to mine,’

I could see it.  A tiny string of light that drifted from my head and connected with his.   Suddenly, I had the weirdest sensation come over me.  I could feel Lucas’s thoughts in my head, thoughts of worry, alarm, tiredness, all flooding through me.  It was like what happened with Seth the other day but on a much smaller scale.

Right you can hear me, can’t you?’ Lucas’s voice was loud and clear in my head, as if he was standing inside my ears and talking.

‘Yes,’ I said quietly, my mouth going dry.  Even though this was a dream, I couldn’t help feeling proud of my achievement.  If only it was this easy to find the Guardians in the real world.

Ok, I’m going to go over to the other side of the square, keep the connection between us,’ Lucas said in my head.

I heard his feet retreating, but I kept my eyes closed, imagining the connection between us, the string of light. A minute later I heard his voice again, still as clear as if he was standing next to me.  ‘Can you still hear me?’ I opened one eye and could see he was standing on completely the opposite side of the square to me.


Right, all you need to do is pull on that beam of light, gently now, just give it a little tug.’

I concentrated on the beam of light, making it thicker and stronger, so it wouldn’t snap when I tugged on it and then I pulled.  Something hard hit me and knocked me on my back, my head throbbed painfully.  I opened my eyes and Lucas was on top of me.

He quickly scrabbled up and helped me to my feet. ‘Are you ok Eve?’ Lucas quickly touched the back of my head to see if I was bleeding.

I winced. ‘Yeah I’m ok.’

‘That was great Eve, you pulled me to you across the square, a little bit too hard but you did it.’ Lucas was grinning. ‘Let’s try again.’ He turned and ran back across the square, going even further away from me this time.

I closed my eyes and imagined the beam of light once more, drifting across the square and connecting with his head.  As soon as it touched, I heard Lucas in my head. ‘Try to be more gentle this time.’ I gave the beam the tiniest of nudges towards me and then I felt Lucas’s hand in mine. ‘Eve you’re really good at this. Ok then wherever you want to go.’

Keeping my eyes closed, I imagined the pyramids, towering over me. I opened my eyes and there I was, in Egypt.  I laughed.  I really was enjoying this dream.  I closed my eyes again and pictured Lucas standing in front of me.  I pictured the beam of light once more and as soon as I heard his thoughts, I pulled gently on the beam of light.  I opened my eyes in time to see Lucas appearing out of thin air.  I grinned at him.

‘Was that better for you, to be pulled rather than pull yourself.’

He nodded. ‘Yeah it’s no effort at all for us to be pulled.  Are you ok, that was your first cross continental pull?’

I assessed how I was feeling.  ‘My head is throbbing, but that was from where I hit it on the floor and I’m tired.’

‘Well you were exhausted before we got home; I don’t know where you’re finding the energy to slide around the world.’

I rolled my eyes. ‘It’s a dream Lucas.’

He rolled his eyes. ‘Don’t suppose you fancy going home now, you’ll be exhausted tomorrow if you don’t rest.’

I grinned at him. ‘I’m enjoying this dream way too much to give it up yet. Ooh Mount Everest.’ I closed my eyes and imagined it.

‘No Eve wait….’

But suddenly his voice was replaced by a biting wind, ripping my clothes and my hair.  It was only then that I realised that I hadn’t got my shoes on, that they were still sitting on a beach in Mexico.  I couldn’t see anything apart from the snow and wind tearing across my face, I couldn’t even breathe, the altitude, the air was so thin. I fell to my knees.  I had to get out of here.  I had to wake up.  I thought about my cosy bed at home and as I felt myself fall onto something soft I opened my eyes and realised the dream was over.  I was so cold that I could barely catch my breath through the shivering.  That was some real dream. I could still feel the icy wind on my skin, my fingers and toes felt numb with the cold.  I felt a weight on my bed, probably Quinn.  Then hot hands on me, rubbing frantically to get me warm.  I rolled over, shivering uncontrollably trying to get closer to Quinn.  What was wrong with me? How could I be so cold from a dream.

Then I heard Lucas’s voice in the darkness. ‘Next time, how about you stick to warmer places?’

I cuddled against him, not caring that none of this made any sense.  He wrapped his arms around me, pulling the duvet over us both, his heat made me instantly warmer and I soon fell into a deep, and thankfully, dreamless sleep.


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