fan fiction competition

I’ve had quite a few entries into the fan fiction competition so far and I’m so thrilled that you guys have embraced The Sentinel in this way. 

There’s still time to enter, the deadline is 31st December and the winner will be announced on New Years Day.

In the meantime, here are two of my favourite entries so far.

The first one is by Erin McEwan

The Dream

Seth wandered over to me offering a smile and sliding his hand round my waist. I smiled up to him in return as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

Our two beautiful children Quinn Jnr and Sephy were chasing each other across the sand with Art and Ellie, Eli and Alexandria’s children.

We were standing on my beach in Mexico. Not much had changed in the ten years since I had first pulled myself here. The sun was bearing down on us but our children were running around too quickly to notice, carefree. I had ensured that.

Their squeals of delight rang out across the air as it breezed in our direction. I couldn’t imagine having a happier life than the way it is now, realising that everything that happened had to have happened to create this future for us. Eli, my ever over protective guardian had insisted that he and Alexandria join us on our trip, not that I minded. Alexandria and I had a special bond.

I looked over at them, Eli had a smile playing at the corner of his mouth, his hand squeezing Alexandria’s as they both watched the kids. I smiled to myself. They taught me how to save the world; I taught them how to love.


I woke with a start, but relaxed again when I felt Seth next to me. His warmth seeping into my limbs. It wasn’t the first time I had had that dream. I couldn’t seem to stop myself envisioning our future even though I still had our present to save.


The next entry is by Kirsty Maclennan, from Quinn’s point of view.

It’s great seeing the love that Seth has for Eve, I know that he would never hurt her intentionally and as someone very close to Eve, that’s all I’ve ever wanted for her.
She has so much going on in her life and I feel reassured knowing that she’s someone to confide in, to cuddle up to and most importantly, to love.

But seeing her happy and loved up, only makes me look at my life and think of the one that got a way.
In truth, my role in Eve’s life meant I hadn’t got the time for anything more, it was hard living as a dog and trying to keep up my life as well.
For two months, I fought to have it all, protect Eve, attend university and hold down a relationship, but then I had to admit defeat and when I called it a day and she accused me of having another women, I couldn’t deny it. How could I explain my role in Eve’s life, when Eve didn’t even know who I was.

I remember the day I met her in the library, she was stood with the biggest stack of books, trying to calculate if she could take them all out.
She stood stroking their binds lovingly, as if books were the best thing in the world.
I must have stood staring at her because she turned around aware of my gaze, as her green eyes met mine, I felt my stomach flip!
“I think you will find you are over you book limit there” I could’ve hit myself at such a stupid line, I might as well of said ‘is your dad called Jacob? Cause you are a cracker’
She stared at me and smiled “I know, I’m trying to decide which ones to put back, but I feel as if I’ve toyed with their emotions, taking them off the shelves and then not taking them on an adventure to the outside. I suppose you think I’m crazy, I often hear that on twitter but I can’t help it, books bring me so much joy, I can’t help thinking that they have feelings too”
I gulped oh wow, who was I to think her crazy, after all I sleep as a dog every night!
“I love that, I’ve never thought about a book like that before, I will be much more gentler with them in future. I’m Quinn by the way”
She pulled her blonde hair to one side, held out her hand and replied “Hi I’m Kirsty, pleased to meet you Quinn” as my hand touched hers, I felt my skin burn, there was something special about her,  something different.

Every time I look at a book, I think of her, I wish I could see her again and explain.
But then I would risk her life and I care for her too much, I would never risk her safety!

“Quinn, Quinn” I look round at Eve, “You were in a trance then, what’s with the goofy look?”
I look at Eve, ” I was just thinking of paying a trip to the library”


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