Fanfiction competition winner

I was thrilled with how many of you took The Sentinel into your hearts and took part in the fan fiction competition.  My two favourites are in the previous post, Kirsty Maclennan and Erin McEwan did a fantastic job.

But the winner was Megan from who actually made me cry with this beautiful scene. I think she fell in love with Seth and Eve as much as I did.


This was it. Our final night had come sooner than any of us had expected. Persia had given us the news we’d been dreading a week ago, the shock on all of all of our faces was evident as she told us of the vision she’d seen. “It will happen a week from now” she said in a steady voice, “The final battle is coming, we all need to be ready.” What had followed would have been chaos if it hadn’t been for Eli – strong, organised Eli who I think had been preparing his whole life for this one moment. Within the hour Eli had drawn up plans, organised heavier training schedules, and increased security around me, just in case. The Guardians were frightened, I knew it, but they never let it show and instead threw themselves into preparing themselves for what would be the toughest day of them all. Quinn never left my side, and for that I was always grateful. We were all uncertain of what would happen, whether I’d be able to fulfil my destiny, and to have the familiarity of someone who I’d grown up with all my life helped to calm me. Eli had given us the night before off, to rest and to prepare ourselves for the day ahead. We were in a safe house, and the outer community were standing guard in a chain around the perimeter – it almost felt as though we were in a bubble, cut off from the outside world.

I thought of all the friends I had made, the bonds I had formed, and how that could all be ripped away from me in an instant tomorrow. Eli, Lucas, Persia, Quinn…my dear Quinn who I loved so much, and Seth, what would become of Seth and I? I rarely cry, but tonight I cried for Seth and I. For the strength of our love, for the uncertainty of what would come tomorrow and for the future together we both long for so much but may never see.

Seth had been gone for a few hours, but he found me sitting on the roof like I used to do as a child. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, warming my bones against the cold air. We didn’t say anything to each other but we didn’t need to, to have him there was enough. I would’ve given almost anything to pause ourselves in time, to freeze that one moment, and have Seth holding on to me under the diamond sky for all eternity.

“I’ve got something to show you” he whispered to me.

fairy-lightsSeth led me by the hand into the garden, and I let out a gasp as I saw the scene before me. A path of rose petals led to an area lit by candles and tealights, there were even fairy lights hanging from the trees, filling me with warmth and butterflies in my stomach at the same time. I turned to Seth.

“You did all this?”

“Well, I had some help from Quinn, he wanted to put a smile on your face” I looked over to where Quinn was standing with a hopeful look on his face, and I beamed back at him.

“Eve…I was going to do this later but I think if I wait any longer I’m going to burst!” Still holding my hand, Seth took a big breath then sunk on to one knee. My breath caught in my chest and time seemed to stand still as I waited for his next words.

“Eve…my Evie…You are everything to me. Forget all this Sentinel stuff, forget the prophecies, even if you were just normal Eve without this destiny ahead of you, I would still love you with everything I have, with everything that I am. I love you for you. I love the way your hair blows in the wind, I love the way your eyes sparkle in the sunlight, the way you smile in your sleep sometimes when I’m holding you.”

Seth reached into his pocket and pulled out a beautiful gold ring. “This was your mother’s ring. Quinn didn’t tell you about this because before she died, she sat him down and she entrusted this to him. She told him that there would come a time when you would connect with someone stronger than any other, that there would be so much love that it radiated from you like sunshine, and everyone would know that you had found your one true soulmate. And when that time came, Quinn would know. Yesterday he came to me and he gave me your mother’s ring. And tonight I feel it’s the right time, I want you to know how dedicated I am to you, how devoted I am to you. You are so special to me, I knew from the instant I met you that I would love you for all of my life. I feel as though we are two halves of a whole, and Eve I promise to treat you like you’re the most precious treasure on earth, I promise to remain by your side through the good times and the bad, and to catch you any time you fall. But most of all, I promise to love you with everything I have. If this is our last night together, then I want it to be perfect. Evie…will you marry me?”

My eyes filled with tears as I whispered “Yes, oh Seth I will!”

Seth broke into a huge grin, picked me up and spun me around in circles, and as everything around us blurred all I could see was Seth’s smiling face. In the background I could hear Quinn whooping with delight, and as Seth lowered me back to the ground I even saw Eli smile over at us. By then Seth and I were a mixture of tears and laughter, and as he kissed me I knew nothing could spoil this. This was ours, and no matter what happened tomorrow, this beautiful moment could never be taken away from us.


Thank you so much Megan for writing this and Congratulations, you’ve won £10 amazon vouchers.





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